Which College should I attend! Help me make a decision by May 1!!!?

change your college decision
change your college decision

Question by : Which College should I attend! Help me make a decision by May 1!!!?

Please help me chose a college to attend. PLEASE read this and help me decide. Here are my following choices and their descriptions.

First off, I am interested in Computer Science, and the physics (mostly) related to electricity and Electrical/Computer Engineering. I am interested in basically everything in comp sci, including web design, game design, and then all of the other common stuff (software engineering, whatever the common college stuff). Also love math.

Which College should I attend! Help me make a decision by May 1!!!?Dickinson:
Pro: – Fucking Love the school, and is the only one I would be happy to tell people I am going to. No
reasoning, I just simply love this school.

  • It is Liberal Arts, Which I like, b/c I can study a lot of subjects and make sure comp sci is for me,
    hone in on a specific subject in comp sci, and then go to grad school (Probably for
    Electrical/Computer Engineering, and probably for free. I think that’s how it works if I am accepted
    right?) Sort of a launch school into grad school.
  • Small, workshop classes. Will get to know teachers and work with them personally. Also I’ve met
    most of them and they are coooool.
  • Also going aborad is really stressed, and I LOVE the sound of gloing abroad.

Con: – Doesn’t have classes for Web design, engineering, or game design =/

Price: $ 29,120 (Not including School loans, purely Non-Paybackable Grants)

University of Vermont:
Pro: – Pretty cool size of 10k, but when in your specific classes the class sizes are pretty small.

  • Has every single course that I could want, including web design, game design, all other comp sci,

Con: – Sure I liked Campus, but I don’t have a gut feeling of love for it. I could see myself going there,
but wouldn’t be excited, ya know?

  • Not the best school? Reputation wise?

Price: $ 26,385 (Not including School loans, purely Non-Paybackable Grants)


Pro: – Like UVM, it has everything I could want academically

  • Co-ops sound interesting and useful in todays market
  • Closer to home (northern MA)

–  Better Rep?

Con: – I feel that I might get lost in city life, I am definitely a small campus person. Also dorms kind of

suck if you lose lottery

  • HUGE class sizes, and going to be mainly lectures. Not personal, may fall behind.

Price: $ 32,952 (Not including School loans, purely Non-Paybackable Grants)

University of Massachusetts Amherst:
Pro: -A lot of friends are going. I guess that’s cool

  • I think 16’th best Comp Sci in US… Good for a state School
  • Will have all the classes and shit like UVM and NEU, like engineering, etc
  • Although large size, campus is not in a city, so most students are on campus, it’s a city in itself
    so maybe I wont get lost

Con: – Like 20,000 undergrads? HOLY FUCK.

  • Little Fish Big sea?

Price: Don’t have exact number, but its like $ 18,000 (Not including School loans, purely Non-Paybackable Grants) (Also, I went to a private school… so I have to pay tuition.)

If Dickinson had more courses and fit my academic needs more, there would be no question. And if i fell in love with another campus, there would be no question. It is the tear between feel for campus and academics. I have already chosen to decline Holy Cross, Bard, and WPI, so please help me with the rest!.

Best answer:

Answer by SunnyAnn
I say Amherst!

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  1. I’d say the University of Vermont because it provides your needs and is a comfy size for learning. Although you don’t see yourself loving the place, I’m sure after time you’ll be glad to have picked a school and be on your way to be a computer scientist. The perfect learning environment. Klg.

  2. Choose academics,
    it will set up your whole life for you, if you get into a better school, do well in it for sure you are going to have better paying jobs.



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