Annual Australia Saturday Lotto Super Draw Approaches

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Annual Australia Saturday Lotto

Super Draw Approaches  

Annual Australia Saturday Lotto Super Draw ApproachesThis coming Saturday, March 31st, the Australian Saturday Lotto will be concluding the month of March with a super draw offering a top prize of jackpot of AUS$21 million. This exciting draw has placed the Australia Lotto at the top of theSmart list that features lotteries offering the best cost-benefit ratio.

Players keen on winning the Australian Saturday Lotto jackpot select 6 numbers from a guess range of 1-45. The lottery’s two bonus number join the regular guess set to create 7 prize categories and more ways to win.

The Australian Saturday Lotto super draw takes place once a year with jackpots routinely starting at between $20-$30 million. Annual super draws conform to the rules of the year’s regular draws, offering players the possibility to enter to win with an entry form of 6 or 12 lines.

Systematic forms of 8, 9, 10 or 11 create all possible line combinations of the selected numbers and increase players’ chances of winning a prize.

The Australia Saturday Lotto is a frequent favourite on theLotter’s theSmart list owing to its impressive jackpots and attractive winning odds. To play theSmart’s first pick, subscribe and make sure never to miss a single draw of theSmart’s leading lotteries with every tenth lottery ticket free!

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