USA Powerball Influences Global Lottery Trends

USA powerball results
USA powerball results

USA Powerball

Influences Global Lottery Trends  

The USA Powerball may have created the original Powerball, but international lotteries have continued to make the Powerball name one of the top lottery labels on the market. Lotto fans know that Powerball lotteries offer great jackpots no matter where they are found, and both theSmart and theBig categories see Powerball lotteries frequently scale their ranks.

USA Powerball Influences Global Lottery TrendsPowerball lotteries have additional ‘Powerball’ numbers and exciting jackpots; however, every local variation of the lottery offers its own twist on the American lottery classic, giving Powerball lottery fans a variety of play options and formats from across the globe.

The USA Powerball, which was introduced to in 1988, is played by selecting five numbers from a guess range of 1-59 as well as one additional Powerball from a separate number matrix of 1-35 numbers. The USA Powerball offers players the option to select the ‘Power Play’ which enables winners to multiply Powerball’s eight secondary prize wins by 2-4 times. With the Powerball’s second place prize starting at $1 million since the lottery’s 20th anniversary updates in January 2012, selecting the ‘Power Play’ raises the return to $2 million!



Some of the better known variations on USA Powerball include the Australia Powerball, South Africa Powerball, and the New Zealand Powerball  . The Australia Powerball holds the record of the second largest Australian jackpot of AU$ 80 million (US $81.2 million) and is played identically to the USA Powerball.  The South Africa Powerball Lotto is also played using the US Powerball’s famed design and delivered the highest recorded jackpot in South Africa.

In contrast to other Powerball lotteries, the New Zealand Powerball offers players both an additional number as well as a bonus number, enabling this lottery to provide an impressive 12 secondary prize categories.

The New Zealand Powerball is currently making headlines as it rises on the way to breaking its own record with a jackpot of NZ$26 million (US$21.2 million). Players interested in trying the variety of Powerball games available at can enter to win the New Zealand Powerball jackpot or the USA Powerball current $50 million prize with a Multi-Draw and receive 20% off exclusively on theLotter!

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