US Powerball Saturday Results


US Powerball Saturday Results

The Powerball, one of the largest lotteries in the world, is keeping its hold on 1st place in theBig. As there were no jackpot winners in last night’s draw, the lottery rolled over for the 14th time bringing the sum to an amazing $305 million for the upcoming draw this Wednesday, August 15th.

There happen to be quite a few excited secondary prize winners from Saturday night, although not successful in guessing all of the winning Powerball numbers: 4, 13, 39, 46, 51 and Powerball 1, some were very close! Five players, matching all five numbers, each took home $1 million.

US Powerball Saturday ResultsAn additional 66 players, matching four numbers + the Powerball number, each pocketed $10,000, four of whom chose the Power Play option which quadrupled their prize bringing it to $40,000! The Power Play option is a fixed multiplier that multiplies winnings by 2-4 times when players select this option on the play form.

The biweekly American lottery is held every Wednesday and Saturday and offers its players some of the greatest jackpots in the world. The Powerball is approaching its highest jackpot ever which was $365 million, in February 2006, shared by eight people. Lotto players choose five numbers from a number range of 1-59 and an additional number, called the Powerball, from a different guess range of 1-35.

Over the weekend, as the Powerball lottery rolled over, increasing its jackpot by over 20% from $253 million to $305 million, a large secondary prize of over €27 million (US$34 million) was scooped up from the EuroJackpot. The winning numbers: 6, 11, 40, 46, 48 and additional numbers 3, 6 were almost all correctly guessed after 12 rollovers. This fairly new European Lottery, created in November 2011, is hosted by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

Powerball has a recent history of making big winners at theLotter. B.U. won $1 million on April 22nd of this year by playing the Powerball through theLotter, just 3 weeks after registering to the website. B.U., a UK resident, purchased his ticket through a Subscription to the Powerball, an option offered on theLotter to players interested in consistently playing a specific lottery or lottery category with incredible savings and every tenth ticket FREE!

Players looking to play US Powerball online can enjoy incredible savings with a Subscription, like B.U., or guarantee tickets in a Multi-Draw package for savings of up to 25%!


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