The National Lottery Big Winners – And How They Spent Their Jackpots

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The National Lottery Big Winners – And How They Spent Their Jackpots

The National Lottery Big Winners - And How They Spent Their JackpotsAdrian and Gillian Bayford have won the second biggest lottery jackpot ever, but they are one of 2,900 millionaires created by the National Lottery.
Not all lottery winners choose to face the public and put their financial affairs up for tabloid scrutiny – one big winner who snapped up £113 in October 2012 stayed anonymous.

But those who have decided to go public with their triumph have had their success and failures, mapped out in the press. Some have inspirational stories of generosity and overcoming hardship.

Some have squandered the cash and declared the lottery “ruined their lives”.


Colin and Chris Weir, Europe's biggest Lottery winnersCOLIN AND CHRIS WEIR

Colin and Chris Weir, Europe’s biggest Lottery winners

Colin and Chris Weir won the record jackpot of £161m on Euromillions. Since then, the couple have donated to many causes close to their hearts.

The couple have donated a five-figure sum to Kieran Maxwell, who had his left leg amputated after a cancer operation.

The 13-year-old carried the Olympic torch in June, and the couple were so touched by the story they decided to buy him a new prosthetic limb.

Mr Weir told the BBC: “When we heard about Kieran and his family’s fantastic efforts to raise money for a new prosthetic leg, we had to help. It is a privilege to support him.”

The Weirs invested in a fleet of luxury cars for their friends, including an £88,000 Mercedes.

After buying a new home with a cinema, pool and stables, they gave their old home to a single mother living next door.

The couple also donated £1m to the Scottish National Party, to go towards the Scottish Independence Campaign.



Retired couple Allen and Violet Large, who won nearly £7m on the lottery, gave away every penny of the win to good causes The causes included the local fire department, churches,

cemeteries, Red Cross, Salvation Army and hospitals.

Allen told the Mirror: “We’re the lucky ones. I have no complaints.”


Luke Pittard and Emma Cox who met while working at the McDonald’s drive-thru

Luke Pittard, who won £1.3m, was determined to keep grounded after his win, despite splashing out on a new home and a lavish wedding.

Pittard, 25, from Pontprennau, went back to work in his local McDonald’s in Cardiff, where he had met his girlfriend Emma Cox.

He told the Evening Standard: “They all think I’m a bit mad but I tell them there’s more to life than money.

I loved working at McDonald’s before I became a millionaire and I’m really enjoying being back there again.

“To be honest, there’s only so much relaxing you can do. I’m only young and a bit of hard work never did anyone any harm.”



Lottery winner Michael Carrol arrives at Swaffham Magistrates in Norfolk

Michael Carroll, nicknamed “King of the Chavs” by the tabloids, won £9.7m in 2002.

Since then he has appeared in court more than 30 times and been jailed for drug related offences.

In 2008, he admitted that just £500,000 of his winnings remained.


Glazier Mark Gardiner from Hastings who won £11m in 1995 has regularly been interviewed discussing how his lottery win meant losing all his friends, even the ones he bought £100,000 homes.

He told the Daily Mail: “I think that, whatever your problems are, money magnifies them.

“Within a month I received my first threat of legal action, from a former girlfriend who claimed I was the father of her child and wanted money for the child’s upkeep.

“I had to endure many court cases over the next few years, all from people who felt entitled to a slice of the money I had won.

“One evening, I went to my local pub and a man I’d never seen before came over and asked me if I was Mark Gardiner.

I thought he was going to wish me well, but instead he chucked his pint of beer all over me. I didn’t know what to think – it was bizarre.”


When Terry and Brenda Benson were out celebrating their £20m lottery win, thieves broke into their home in an apparent attempt to steal their ticket.

When they return to their home in Hull, jewellery of “great sentimental value” had been stolen, including a pearl necklace he bought his wife for their 30th wedding anniversary.

The National Lottery Big Winners - And How They Spent Their JackpotsCALLIE ROGERS

Sixteen-year-old, Callie Rogers from Cockermouth in Cumbria celebrates after winning £1.8 million on the National Lottery, becoming the second youngest jackpot winner

Teenage tearaway Callie Rogers, who scooped £1.9m when she was just 16, blew the whole jackpot on drugs and partying.

She made three suicide attempts and lost custody of the children she had with her ex.

Rogers went on plastic surgery binges, forking out £11,500 for two boob jobs. After falling pregnant with twins, Rogers said she has turned her life around.

Posing nude for a magazine, Rogers said she had sold her £70,000 to move into a rented flat but was happier than she had ever been.

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