The 4 ways of choosing Lottery Numbers


The 4 ways of choosing Lottery Numbers

For lottery fans, it can be a matter of contention as to how they pick lotto numbers, as many players are divided as to what the best method of selecting these lines is.

It can be a subject of raging debate, of course, because the right digits lead to enormous, life-changing cash prizes.

So here is a breakdown of the different ways people choose lottery numbers for their lotto tickets so fans can decide for themselves once and for all which of these they prefer.



Lucky numbers

Everybody has at least one number that means something to them, be it a digit relating to their date of birth, that of a loved one or perhaps the number of their first home.

So it is little wonder lucky numbers are a tried-and-tested means of playing the lotto, with some people having a dozen or more they like to use interchangeably in their lottery entries.

Committing to a sequence

Whether they are significant numbers or not, there is a steadfast school of hardcore lottery fans who only play the same sequence of numbers week in and week out, because statistically, their chosen digits are likely to be selected at some point.

Anybody who plays this way, though, may find they have to continue using this selection of numbers for every draw because altering it or skipping a game could lead to heartbreak if their sequence suddenly appears in the lottery results.


Superstition is very important to many lotto fans, with some using their environment to tell them what numbers they should choose.

In Cuba, a tradition called La Charada affixes a symbol to every number from 1-100 and whatever a player has seen during the day could then be an indication that they should play the corresponding digit.

Somebody who believes in La Charada – which has roots in China- would play the number ten if they saw a fish, while 24 is a pigeon.

The 4 ways of choosing Lottery NumbersQuick Pick

Finally, one of the most popular means of choosing lottery numbers is via a Quick Pick random number selector, sometimes known as a lucky dip.

This means numbers are selected at random by a computer, meaning the lottery fan does not have to spend time remembering lucky digits or committing to a familiar sequence.

Fans can use all of these methods on theLotter when they buy lottery tickets online.

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