Special 10% Holiday Discounts On Your Favorite Lotteries!


Special 10% Holiday Discounts

On Your Favorite Lotteries!

The holiday season has most definitely arrived and with that come the holiday discounts! All theLotter players are welcome to enter the site to find special holiday offers on some of their favourite lotteries.

theLotter is proud to join the holiday festivities and reward its players a 10% discount on their one-time entry lotto tickets for some of the world’s greatest lotteries, which include:

Special 10% Holiday Discounts On Your Favorite Lotteries!The US Powerball is now #4 on theBig and offers its players winning odds starting at 1:56 for a chance at the $40 million jackpot. The next draw, 2012/104, will occur this Saturday December 29th and, as always, includes nine prize categories.
Taking #2 on theBig, the SuperEnalotto offers a €32.2 million jackpot after rolling over 50 times for nearly 4 months! To participate in this Italian lotto, players choose six numbers from a 1-90 number range for a chance at winning one of the five prize categories. The additional bonus ball (Jolly) is not selected by the players and is required to win the second prize only.

Enter here to play the SuperEnalotto draw 2012/155 which occurs today.

The EuroJackpot is #8 on theBig and the jackpot is now set at €21 million after eight rollovers.

This lottery’s first prize always starts at €10 million and increases by at least €1 million with each rollover.

To enter the EuroJackpot, players select six numbers from a 1-50 guess range and two additional numbers ranging 1-8 for a chance at winning one of the 12 prize categories the newest European lottery offers.

Now #1 on theSmart and #7 on theBig, the Saturday Lotto is offering an AU $30 million jackpot! The upcoming draw this Saturday, draw 2012/3281, offers seven tax-free prize categories and great winning odds starting at 1:35.

To play the Australian Saturday Lotto, click here.

Players can purchase their tickets now for one of the above lotteries and enjoy a special limited 10% discount offer.

Happy holidays and good luck to al!


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