Mega Millions $363 Million Jackpot Makes Headlines

MegaMillions Megaplier Prizechart enlarged
MegaMillions Megaplier Prizechart enlarged

Mega Millions $363 Million

 Jackpot Makes Headlines 

The Mega Millions draw has left the Mega Millions jackpot unclaimed, allowing lotto enthusiasts to continue to dream about the lottery’s astronomical $363,000,000 jackpot!

Mega Millions lottery retailers have recently been inundated with anxious prospective millionaires eager to get their chance at the coveted $363 million prize. Players at theLotter can avoid the lottery frenzy and purchase lotto tickets online to join the site’s growing list of winners.  To read about theLotter’s third $250,000 winner in Mega Millions.

Mega Millions $363 Million Jackpot Makes Headlines

An Abundance of Secondary Prizes

With the mammoth jackpot still rolling over, plenty of hopeful players continue to become happy winners.  In addition to being one of the world’s foremost lotteries and the record holder for the largest American jackpot to-date, Mega Millions’ eight non-jackpot prize categories leave room for exciting secondary wins.

Draw saw one of theLotter’s players take home a coveted $250,000 second prize. By selecting the Mega Millions Megaplier the lucky player would have quadrupled the win for a $1 million reward!

Get Ready for the Next Round

Mega Millions fans can enter to win the lotto online in the lottery’s upcoming draw on Tuesday, March 27th at theLotter.

The next historical draw will take place in Atlanta, Georgia at the Mega Millions  headquarters. Participate in the Mega Millions  excitement sweeping the lottery world and enter to win the world’s biggest jackpot and a top prize of $363 million!

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