Mega Millions Lotto Jackpot Adds Millions to Next Draw!

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 Mega Millions Lotto Jackpot

Adds Millions to Next Draw!    

With Mega Millions making headlines in news outlets around the world, lottery retailers have seen a significant increase in ticket sales as the Mega Millions lotto jackpot  inches towards its $390 million record. Mega Millions’ jackpot received a boost from last minute ticket purchases with the lottery frenzy pushing today’s jackpot to $363 million even before the lottery drums have warmed up!

After 17 rollovers and millions in prizes, theLotter’s fans of the multi-state mega lotto continue to follow the biweekly draws closely by subscribing to free result alerts, receiving the latest updates in theLotter’s news center and blog, and ensuring never to miss out on the historical draws with Subscriptions and Multi-Draws for special discounts.

Mega Millions Lotto Jackpot Adds Millions to Next Draw!While the jackpot remains the focus of headlines, draw 2012/24 alone saw nearly 3 million Mega Millions tickets win non-jackpot prizes. The lottery offers an additional number (Mega Ball) that joins forces with the regular guess set to produce eight non-jackpot prize categories and a variety of ways to win. The Megaplier prize feature enables players to double, triple or quadruple non-jackpot prizes and take advantage of the lottery’s attractive 2nd-9th prize divisions with maximal return.

The Mega Millions current jackpot of $363 million reflects lotto fans’ enthusiasm for the lotto game that has held the title for the world’s biggest jackpot after awarding a $390 million top prize in 2007. Since a Virginia resident claimed the $72 million jackpot on January 24th , Mega Millions has thrilled players with twice weekly rollovers and prizes that have grown by tens of millions with every draw!

Lotto fans eagerly anticipate the results of today’s $363 million draw that will determine if Mega Millions succeeds in breaking its own prize record and offer fans another chance to win the largest prize in US lottery history!

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