PowerBall New Jackpot $177,000,000 this Wednesday

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f9c10114 3MILLIONS

PowerBall New Jackpot $177,000,000

this Wednesday

Powerball Jackpot Causes Flood of Ticket Purchases

The US  Powerball jackpot   has not yet reached the likes of the Mega Millions’ $656 million of March 2012, but the new $177 million fortune is bringing players to the popular American lottery for the upcoming draw this Wednesday, June 6 th. While Powerball’s jackpot has landed the lottery at the top of the charts, the lottery’s coveted first prize is not the only Powerball prize to offer sensational wins. In the last draw 2012/44, on June 2nd alone, Powerball produced three new millionaires, each taking home the $ 1 million second place prize.

America’s biggest lotteries, the multi-state Powerball and Mega Millions, offer non-jackpot prizes that regularly make headlines. In recent news, two second place prize Mega Millions winners  may have thrown away almost $500,000 collectively. Two tickets worth more than $227,000 apiece have yet to be claimed after two months! Mega Millions officially grants winners 180 days to claim their winnings.

Players who do not take a jackpot win frequently dismiss the ticket without checking for prizes which could still be worth millions. Every year, billions in secondary wins go unclaimed, revert to the official lottery organizations, and are often channelled to local social and cultural projects. In addition to the unclaimed Mega Millions tickets, the Arkansas Diamond Dazzler case where a woman accidently threw out a ticket worth $1 million in early May this year, has been making news since the case went public.

In light of the rising Powerball Jackpot  and recent cases of lost and unclaimed tickets, many lottery players are placing their entries with safe and reliable sources like theLotter which provide services including SMS win notifications and automatic win collection and transfer. theLotter has transferred more than $22 million to players, and with US Powerball’s $177 million draw just around the corner theLotter is the chosen safeguard of players’ future wins.


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