Portrait of Luck

Miracle portrait that brings happiness
Miracle portrait that brings happiness

Portrait of Luck

“The world is divided into material and mysterious.

On the material world we know little about the mysterious – nothing.

Why do something to bring bad luck, but something else – happiness? What is thepower of amulets and talismans? Why does one house people get sick and dieyoung in mysterious circumstances, and in the other house residents are lucky, theyare healthy and happy, lucky them, winning the lottery?

Portrait of LuckThe forces that we do not understand, we call the super natural. They have been known since then as there is mankind.

A reproduction of the portrait, which we present to you today (free download), has an extraordinary history.

After the portrait published in the American weekly magazine, the editors gushing wave letters. The first – a complete indignation: “What is this cheating? You are what fools we think?

“The second wave of correspondence, filling editor six weeks, continues to this day – people are warmly thanked for the gift, recognized that much of their lives changed for the better, since they have placed a reproduction of a portrait at his home.

Suddenly recovered, improved financial situation. Someone got the desired word, moved by the service. Somebody to love …

We also decided to put “The image of happiness.” Check to see for yourself. And please contact us. This portrait is not a singular work of art. It belongs to the 19th century, it depicts a gypsy girl with a penetrating gaze of large black eyes. He has just one unusual feature that brings happiness.

Portrait of LuckCarbone Family of Chicago for the last three generations has this portrait. Family tradition connects with all of life’s successes. And fact is that each of the Carbone family members after contact with a portrait achieves success – win, win, reach what we want. – This applies not only to our family – says 81 – year-old Mario Carbone.


We were given to friends of the reproduction of images and effects were amazing.Terminally ill suddenly become healthy, the poor were successful, home turned into a hell of heaven. Father Mario, Luigi Carbone, bought the portrait in 1897 in Italy, as a gift to his wife. Soon after, their fate changed dramatically – Luigi suddenly achieved success in the trade deal, which brought the loss of another, married life, had not a very good, suddenly recovered for the better, Ms. Carbone, infertility, became pregnant, doctors, and to the surprise birth twins.

Communication of success in life with a portrait of gypsy was discovered by accident. During a home renovation painting was moved to the barn and suddenly began to pursue a family of failure – children are sick, the house caught fire, the business has brought unexpected losses. – My father was a broken man – says Mario Carbone. – And now, suddenly lit up, ran to the barn and found the portrait and hung in its place. Failures vanished!


When Mario in 1938, had to emigrate to America, his father ordered a copy of the portrait and gave it to his son. Since then, there was not one day that I was not met with success – says Mario. – Bless their fate. Following the American weekly magazine and other publications printed a portrait of a beautiful gypsy girl. No guarantees and promises. And reaffirmed by the readers of this wonderful portrait.

And all the publishers who have printed this portrait became one of the most successful in America, and around the world of newspapers, for example one of these newspapers called the Daily News, is now a huge, rich corporation known today. This portrait is strengthening its ability to bring good luck if you do it as much as possible will send to your friends and family. ” Article from the newspaper “Kuban news”

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Portrait of Luck

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