Play the World’s Biggest Lottery


Play the World’s Biggest Lottery

You can buy lottery tickets online to the biggest lotteries in the world offering huge jackpot prizes that you can win when you play online lottery. Purchase official lottery tickets online and receive automatic result notifications and commission-free prizes when you win! Play the lottery online safely and securely at theLotter, the leading lottery ticket purchasing service!

Millions of people want to play games such as The Official USA Powerball and USA Mega Millions with its world record lottery jackpot of $656 million, and we make it possible for you to buy lotto tickets online.

You don’t need to visit other countries in order to get a lotto ticket. You can simply buy lottery tickets online from anywhere in the world.

Play the World’s Biggest Lottery

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How to Win the World’s Biggest Lottery Jackpot

How to Play the World's Biggest Lottery OnlineCan I Play the World’s Biggest Lottery from My Country?

Yes, you can play the world’s biggest lottery online with theLotter from anywhere in the world. An official lottery ticket is purchased on your behalf by our local offices and a scan of your ticket is sent to your account as part of theLotter’s See Your Ticket Service. Buying lottery tickets online is simple, secure, and a whole lot of fun!

How to Play the Biggest Lottery in the World?How to Play the Biggest Lottery in the World?

Buy official lottery tickets online by selecting the biggest lottery’s main numbers, and any additional or bonus numbers that may apply. You can save your Lucky Numbers to your account or pick different numbers each time you play. If you want your numbers automatically generated, you can click the Quick Pick button above the ticket and the numbers will appear. Additional play options are available to you by clicking the tabs just above the tickets.

How do I get my winningsHow do I get my winnings
What Happens When I Win the Lottery Online?
theLotter does not take any commission on prizes, so when you win a lottery prize, the winnings are 100% yours!
You’ll receive an email from theLotter notifying you of your prize and winnings will be credited to your account automatically. You can then withdraw that amount into your selected payment method, or you can leave some or all of it in your account for future ticket purchases. If you win a jackpot or significant amount, our customer support team will contact you immediately and theLotter will fly you out at our expense to collect your winnings in person.

How Will I know I will get my PrizeHow Will I know I will get my Prize
How Can I Be Sure I Will Receive My Money When I Play Online?
When you buy lottery tickets through theLotter, we provide you with a scanned copy of the ticket as proof-of-purchase, and you’ll also receive a confirmation email at the time of purchase which shows ticket ownership. theLotter’s Terms of Use explicitly states that theLotter has no legal claim to the tickets. In the past 18 years, theLotter has paid out more than $100 million to over 5 million winners!

Tax on World's Biggest Lottery OnlineTax on World’s Biggest Lottery Online
Is There a Tax Requirement on My Winnings?
Prizes are subject to local tax laws when collected, and may be subject to additional income tax depending on the laws of the country in which you reside. The tax requirements for each lottery offered on our site can be found on theLotter’s information pages.

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