Lottery Bundles

Lottery Bundles
Lottery Bundles

How theLotter Bundles Work

Lottery Bundles

Bundles let you win millions with Personal Entry tickets and hundreds of thousands with Syndicates in one cost-saving, odds-boosting package deal.

You may already be purchasing Personal Entries as well as Syndicate entries, but separately, because you want to pick your own Lucky Numbers (something you can’t do with Syndicates) as well as boost your winning odds (something which is hard to do with Personal Entries).

Bundles are the solution. They are a one-click combo – you no longer have to make two or three separate purchases. You get both play options in one simple, cost-effective deal.

All you need to do now is pick the Lottery Bundle to play and we’ll do all the hard work for you!


Buy a Lottery Bundle Online

Buy a Lottery Bundle Online

🔴 What is Playwin Lotto bundle?
Playwin is an online lottery run by the Essel Group through PAN India and sanctioned by the Sikkim government. It was one of the first such lotteries to be opened in India. … The biggest Playwin jackpot was from the Thursday Super Lotto game, amounting more than Rs.

🔴 What is super pack in NY lottery?
The Super Pack offers one Quick Pick game for each of New York’s jackpot games: Mega Millions, Powerball and Lotto. It is the first time the purchase of a Super Pack has included a winning jackpot ticket.

🔴 What are the prices for Lotto Max tickets?
The cost is $5 for three sets of seven numbers ranging from 1 to 50. Players have the option to choose the first set of seven numbers and have the other two sets selected by Quick Pick or use Quick Pick for all three sets. You can play up to 52 draws in advance at retail and ENCORE can be added for $1 per play.

🔴 How much do quick picks cost?
According to the official Powerball website, tickets are $2 each unless you opt for the Power Play option. That costs an additional $1 and must be selected when you buy your ticket.

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