Loteria Nacional – Loteria del Nino

Lotería del Niño is the exciting Spanish raffle held annually on 6 January. The raffle awards an incredible prize pool and unparalleled winning odds that result in 1 in every 3 players winning a prize!

Ticket sales for the next Lotería del Niño raffle will open later in the year. Results of the last Lotería del Niño raffle are available for you to view.

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Loteria Nacional – Loteria del Nino – Quick Reference

  • Loteria del Nino offers one of the world’s biggest prize pools with prizes totaling €700 million
  • Tickets are limited – 100,000 tickets are printed with codes between 00000-99999
  • Each ticket is printed in 50 copies and divided into 10 shares – players can purchase individual shares or an entire ticket
  • Loteria del Nino will award 50 €2 million jackpot prizes in the January 6th draw
  • Incredible jackpot winning odds are 1:100,000
  • Unparalleled winning odds for secondary prizes start at 1: 3
  • 17 different prize categories are available
  • More than 37,000 winning combinations exist for every ticket!Buy a raffle ticket online for the Loteria del Nino with theLotter.

Loteria Nacional – Loteria del Nino Videos

Loteria del Nino offers Spanish raffle fans the perfect way to begin 2020 with extra cash in their pocket! Like the Loteria de Navidad, Loteria del Nino enjoys nation-wide popularity in Spain, attracting global interest as Loteria Nacional continues to build on Spain’s 200-year old lottery traditions. See how the Loteria del Nino is catching the media’s attention as the countdown begins towards the exciting January 6th draw.

Lotería del Nino

The Lotería del Nino is an annual Spanish lottery operated by the Loteria Nacional and offers prizes totalling €700 million and 50 jackpot prizes worth €2 million for a full ticket. Winning odds are 1:100,000 for El Nino’s jackpot, and players have a 1:3 chance of taking home a prize, with more than 37,000 winning combinations on every ticket. Lotería del Nino follows the Lotería de Navidad-Spanish Christmas Lottery in a January 6th draw that is one of Spain’s most popular raffles and a noted national event to start the New Year. Buy tickets today for Loteria del Nino 2020 at theLotter.

Do you like the Loteria del Nino? Read our informative Spanish Raffles Guide for further information.

Loteria Nacional – Lotería del Nino History

This Spanish lottery received its name according to the date of the adoration of the Magi to the infant Jesus. The first Loteria del Nino occurred in 1941 and became an official part of Loteria Nacional in 1966. Loteria Nacional is the home of other popular Spanish draws including El Gordo and La Primitiva.

Between 1941 and 1999, the Lotería del Nino draws were held annually on January 5th, however, since the year 2000 draws were moved forward by a day and take place on January 6th.

Loteria Nacional – Lotería del Nino Rules

Similar to previous raffles, Lotería del Nino tickets consist of 100,000 five-digit codes ranging from 00000-99999. This year, there will be 100,000 tickets, printed in 50 copies, and divided into ten shares to create a total of 50 million shares.

100,000 tickets * 50 copies * 10 shares = 50 million shares

Every ticket contains 16 prize categories, and a total of 37,920 prize-winning combinations.

Winning the Lotería del Nino 2020

The first prize is called the ‘Gordo’ and is worth €2 million for a full ticket or €200,000 for a single share of a winning ticket. The second prize is worth €750,000 for a full ticket.

Learn more about the Loteria Nacional – Loteria del Nino prize categories below:

Loteria Nacional – Lotería del Nino Anecdotes

Lotería del Nino wishful thinking – As in every lottery, there are endless superstitions around choosing the perfect five-digit code Lotería del Nino ticket. Some follow their favourite numbers, birthday and anniversary dates, or even choose a special date connected to a known celebrity. In some cases, players go as far as searching for pregnant women or bald-headed men in order to rub the share in question on these lucky charms, so that good luck will find them!

Spanish cities love Lotería del Nino’s Gordo – Spain’s two largest cities, Madrid and Barcelona, have won the Gordo more times than any other Spanish city, with a total of 41 and 40 wins, respectively. The city of Valencia has had 18 wins throughout the lottery’s history while both Vizcaya and Sevilla have each pocketed 12 Gordo wins.

Play Lotería del Nino Every Year

Winning Loteria del Nino raffle prizes is a great way to start the year. Buy your tickets as soon as they’re available so you don’t miss the next draw! You can see the results of the last raffle draw at any time.

Spanish raffles are always exciting to play and offer great opportunities to win prizes. Play Loteria Nacional every month and make sure to purchase tickets for the annual Loteria de Navidad raffle draw when tickets are on sale. Good luck!


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Each of the 100,000 Loteria del Nino tickets is printed in 60 copies and then divided into 10 shares to enable players more chances to take part in this amazing little lotto.

The Loteria del Nino will make 1 in 100,000 players jackpot winners, and offers more than 37,000 winning possibilities on every full ticket.


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