How do I pick the winning numbers in a lottery?

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Question by Berry: How do I pick the winning numbers in a lottery?
Is there any particular technique or secret involved in picking the winning numbers in a “Pick 6 numbers out of 49” type of Online Lotteries, and other such similar type of lotteries?
I like this type of lotteries very much. I have been playing them responsibly for the past few years, but have not won anything so far.
What should I do to win? Are there any tips and tricks available?

How do I pick the winning numbers in a lottery?Should I pick the same numbers regularly or go for the “Quick Pick” option? Which one is better?
I would love to receive replies, suggestions and feedback in this regard from all people in general, and from experienced Lotto Players and Big Jackpot Winnners in particular.
Please reply.
I wish every one of you “Good Luck” and “All The Very Best” in this New Year 2007.
Thank you very much.
Have a great day.
Warm regards and best wishes,
John Lazarus
Thank you very much for your kind replies. Thanks a lot adamvillani, ZCT, miss_cass_3, skynet, lawrencecoe7, lucky, Stormy Skye and Rocky S.
Lessons learnt by me —

1) Lottery winning is pure luck
2) Play responsibly with small amounts, but go for big jackpots
3) Choose the “Quick Pick” option, as you would have no attachment with any particular set of numbers

Excellent! Thank you so much.
In particular, replies of adamvillani and ZCT have given us some fascinating insights into the dream world of lotteries. Fantastic!
The reason given by miss_cass_3 to go for the “Quick Pick” option is brilliant. I never thought in that angle! How true! That’s a superb suggestion indeed.
I once again thank you all very much for the precious time, energy and effort you put in to answer my (may be a bit ridiculous) question.
I wish one of us hits a big one pretty soon!
I wish each of you plenty of success in all your efforts and endeavors.
Thanks, warm regards and best wishes,
John Lazarus
I am sorry, I made a mistake. The reason to go for the “Quick Pick” option was given by adamvillani. miss_cass_3 has given a different idea. I regret the error. Both ideas are truly great, and I include both of them in this recent response of mine.
— John Lazarus.

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Answer by grandmasclit6969

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  1. there is some way (impossible to perform! do not attempt it!)
    1. you can travel to the future using a time machine.
    2. your sixth sense helps you to predict the numbers.
    3.or any cheaters actually bust into the company rob the numbers and spread it widely through the world(man should have stealed the money first!LOL.)
    4. 100% pure luck

  2. There are no special techniques you can use.

    Every draw of the lottery is a separate random event. The machine and the balls have no knowledge or memory of any prior or future event. The results are truly random. In fact any reputable lottery has independent mathematicians checking the results to look for patterns or weird anomalies.

    If there were an actual system of winning the lottery, first off no one would choose to share it. After all why figure out a winning formula, give away the information, and then risk winning a smaller jackpot because someone else has won with your system?

    Also if there were a working system the lottery would be won repeatedly by math professors.

    The fact is if you consider something like Powerball. If you played every week $ 50 per week, you would have a reasonable expectation to win the jackpot at some point during the next 44,000 years! The odds are just so astronomical it’s not even funny.

    So play your ‘lucky’ numbers or quick pick. Keep playing every week and you may one day win a small prize. But realize that winning the lottery is just a dream that most people will never realize.

  3. ZCT is right. There’s no statistically valid preference for one number over another. I saw a book on winning the lotto recently in a bookstore, and it was pretty astonishing how much different bad advice was in one book. Essentially it dressed up a whole lot of logical fallacies and ignorance into a complicated system that was complicated enough to look like it must be “scientific,” but it wasn’t. Putting numbers into charts or on “wheels” or whatever won’t do anything to change the fact that the numbers picked are purely random.

    Two main flaws in logic there:
    1. Bias — surely if one of the balls was truly more likely to be picked, then we should pick that one. But the balls are all manufactured the same, and any real differences are so minute as to be almost undetectable. Seeing a number get drawn several times over the course of a few weeks, statistically, is just coincidental. In order to prove some sort of systemic bias in the balls being picked, you’d have to study a much, much larger sample size.

    The argument is that somehow, minute manufacturing imperfections makes some balls more likely to be picked. Unless someone was purposely weighting down some balls or otherwise tampering with the process, any differences would be so small as to require huge sample sizes to prove. And in that time, the state lottery commission would probably have replaced the balls several times, anyway, rendering your whole study irrelevant.

    2. The other point is the notorious “gambler’s fallacy.” Random numbers do not get “hot” or “cold.” If you flip a fair coin and it lands on “heads” nine times in a row, your chances are still just 50/50 as to it coming up heads again on the tenth try. The penny doesn’t remember the past and try to “even things out.” Similarly, the lotto balls don’t get together and say, “Hey, #31 hasn’t been drawn in months. Let’s direct the air so that the ball-picker picks #31 this time!” The thought is absurd, but people have based whole “systems” on this type of wrong thinking.

    My suggestion is to just play a little bit each week if it makes you happy and gives you a chance to dream. But realize that your chances of winning something substantial are very, very small indeed. One thing I do is to always use the “Quick Pick” machine. Not because it gives me a better chance to win (it’s the same either way), but because if I had numbers that I felt attached to as “my numbers,” I would be furious with myself if those numbers won on a week when I didn’t play them. With a quick pick I can walk away any time and not feel any attachment to the numbers.

  4. Hey john, I don’t think you can really maximise your chances of winning, but you can maximise your returns if you do win. To do this, pick number combinations that most people wouldn’t choose eg 1,2,3,4,5,6. or 11,21,31,41,51,61, or even 13 cos its “unlucky.” In this way, if you do win, you will get more money bcos you wont have to share with people. Hope this helps!

  5. I will suggest you not use Quick Pick. I world say 30% is technique and 70% is luck for picking numbers. I am using as my regular using website. It gives you not only statistic analysis of previous winning numbers, also provides wheeling system. This website only deals with FLorida lottery.

  6. According to elders, you just count how many letters in your first and second name including the day, month and year on your birthday…then maintain the corresponding number until you win…Maintaining a number is the easiest and the surest way of winning lottery…Mark it and you’ll not be sorry. One year is too long for a wait…then presto…your “number” would be lucky.

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