Has anyone ever won a lottery online and been paid for it?

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Question by : has anyone ever won a lottery online and been paid for it?
I am playing lotteries online and would like to know if anyone has ever one doing this way…I am poor and am taking a chance doing this and would like to know if it is worth the effort!

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Answer by pdq
You would like to know “if it is worth the effort.”

This I know.

It is not.

Forget the fact that you are worried about it being fair, and you are worried that it could possibly be a scam on-line.

IT IS THE LOTTERY!!! Playing the lottery is the VERY WORST bet you can ever make. Lotteries have a 50% advantage over the players. In other words, for every $ 100,000 they take in for sales, they only pay back $ 50,000 to winning tickets! The worst casino bet you can make is only around a 10 to 15% advantage. Lottery = 50%!!!

You say you are poor. Did you know that more poor people play the lottery than any other class? Why is this? Is it just because folks without a lot of money just want money more than anyone else?!? No. The truth is (and I don’t mean to be insulting to you) poorer folks are generally less educated. They don’t understand just how bad of a deal they are getting by playing the lottery.

You DO understand now! This is the truth! You don’t have to be fooled any more!

You work hard, and you don’t have much to show for your hard work. Don’t waste what little you have on lotteries of any sort.

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