EUROPE – EUROJACKPOT Next Draw OnLine. New Record!!



New Record!!

EUROPE - EUROJACKPOT Next Draw OnLine. New Record!!Celebrate EuroJackpot’s one year anniversary by participating in this Friday’s €45 million draw!

Submit your EuroJackpot numbers into the next draw to receive your share of one of 12 prize divisions. The results for this new Euro Lotto are published each Friday after the lottery is drawn!

You can also check out the results for Europe’s other premier lottery, EuroMillions, right here.

The EuroJackpot is a new premier lottery offered by eight European countries. The lotto offers high jackpots, impressive odds and 12 different winning categories.


History of the EuroJackpot Lottery

The formation of the EuroJackpot originally took place in 2011, when European national lottery officials met at a Summit in Amsterdam to consider the creation of an additional European Lottery.

The original collaborating countries were that of Germany, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy and the Netherlands, although Estonia and Spain joined later after successful negotiations.

While these countries started the EuroJackpot, they have also extended an invitation to allow other European nations to join. The first EuroJackpot draw was held on March 23rd of 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.

EuroJackpot Lottery Rules

To play the EuroJackpot lotto, players first select five numbers from a guess range of 1-50 as well as two additional numbers from a separate guess range of 1-8. The additional numbers allow lottery players the possibility of winning supplementary prizes and are also essential to complete the jackpot winning numbers selection.

Players can pick their numbers manually (Natural Selection), use their pre-selected numbers (My Numbers), or have their numbers randomly chosen (Quick Pick). Additionally, players can enter lotteries in advance by purchasing a Multi-Draw ticket, or choose a Subscription to ensure they never miss a draw. Both methods also reduce the cost of playing.

Online lotto ticket purchases close 3 hours prior to the drawings, which occur every Friday evening at 17:00 GMT in Helsinki, Finland. EuroJackpot results are posted on theLotter after the Friday draw, and EuroMillions winning lotto numbers are posted after each Tuesday and Friday draw.

Winning the EuroJackpot Lottery

The EuroJackpot offers 12 different winning categories and to win a share of the top prize, players must correctly guess five regular numbers and both additional numbers. The EuroJackpot has a tax-free jackpot starting from €10 million and the potential to rollover. If no one claims the jackpot, it will continue to grow until hitting its cap of €90 million. To claim the main prize, winners are required to submit the winning ticket in person at the EuroJackpot headquarters in Germany.

Players who enjoy Europe’s top lotteries might also enjoy the EuroMillions lottery or Italy’s SuperEnalotto.

The € 90 Million Tale of the Biggest EuroJackpot Win Ever

EuroJackpot is known amongst lottery players as the major lotto that offers the best odds on big prize wins – but that doesn’t mean to say the jackpots on offer don’t get ludicrously big! This is the story of the biggest EuroJackpot win ever, which hit the headlines all over Europe in 2015. It just goes to show that great odds and astonishing prizes really can go hand in hand.

It seemed like just an ordinary early summer evening – but the night of Friday May 15th 2015 would go down in the record books as the most extraordinary moment in the histories of both EuroJackpot, and of lottery in the Czech Republic.

The news broke soon after the EuroJackpot draw that night – a matching ticket for a record-breaking jackpot of € 90 Million had been sold by a Czech vendor, and the winner was expected to be announced over the following days.

A reticent record breaker
As it turned out, several weeks would pass before the big winner finally stepped forward to claim their prize, which was worth a whopping 2.4 billion in Czech Crowns.

The long wait for the draw’s conclusion spawned a nationwide hunt for the € 90 Million ticket. One internet prankster sparked a sensation by posting a fake video of an imitation ticket being burned to a crisp by a mysterious hooded man.

Thankfully, the winner eventually came forward to collect his prize. As he chose to exercise his right to anonymity, we know tantalisingly little about his identity and the reasons behind his long wait to claim the jackpot. An employee of Sazka, the company which organises EuroJackpot in the Czech Republic, revealed that the winner was a middle-aged man, still in work, who simply said he had needed time to think things over after finding out he’d landed the biggest EuroJackpot win ever. So much for the idea that women are better at lotto! He is said to have immediately withdrawn 270,000 crowns in cash upon claiming his prize, before leaving to catch a train.

Thanks to the liberal gaming laws of his native country, the winner won’t have paid any tax whatsoever on his big win – god bless the Czech Republic!

When will the record be broken again?
€ 90 Million is the maximum jackpot in the EuroJackpot lottery, so we won’t see a bigger win until such a time as when the game’s rules are altered, whenever that may be. The jackpot could, however, be equalled at any time – and quite possible at some point this year!

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