Can you win the lottery with the law of attraction?

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Question by : Can you win the lottery with the law of attraction?

My luck lately is so GOOD! I won $ 8,000 3 weeks ago.
than I won $ 100 on a scratch card, 3 days ago, than I just won another $ 20 today on a scratch card half an hour ago.
I’ve only been studying these 3 books: the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction and the secret for a month or so.

I actually read the secret and the law of attraction in one day and took loads of notes.

Can you win the lottery with the law of attraction?I’ve only just started buying lottery/tickets and scratch cards and out of 6 I won on 3 of them. I keep winning things, I brought another 3 lottery tickets just now for saturday so maybe I will win something.

But what I keep doing is thinking positively and not negative at all and some how my luck is going great!!!!!!

IS this law of attraction doing this for me?I strong believe in it and it is bringing me a bit of luck so I’m happy(: Hopefully if I keep believing and buying lottery tickets I might win a million than I can adopt a dolphin like I always dreamed to 😉

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Answer by Saint
no way. I think you are slightly being superstitious.

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  1. Congrats on your winnings, looks like you’re on a winning streak!

    The lottery all comes down to probability based on random numbers (or randomly picking a winning scratch off). Winning (and losing) streaks are bound to occur in anything chance-based. Just ask anyone at a casino. Some will be up hundreds or more, and others will be down just as much. These are usually referred to as swings.

    While positive thinking can certainly help your life, it can’t change the numbers drawn from a machine. Some people believe it to have an effect on their surroundings, though this tends to be due to an altered perception, more than an objective change.

    In other words the correlation between your recent lottery luck and positive thinking is likely coincidental. Best of luck to you though.

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