Arkansas – lottery love story

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Arkansas – lottery love story

Hot off the press is a lottery love story just in time for Valentine’s Day—a bright spot in the darkness of this February winter! An Arkansas couple leaves for a weekend away together and returns with fortune of over $1 million!

The Weavers (no relation to theLotter’s  Austin Weaver, as far as we know!) of Stuttgart, Arkansas, spent a weekend north of state capital Little Rock on a fishing trip and came back to discover that they had collectively won over $1 million!

The pair reeled in a total of $1,050,000 with two chance lottery ticket purchases from a T-Ricks convenience store in the city of Pangburn on their way to and from Greers Fery Lake in north eastern Arkansas.

Arkansas - lottery love storyStephen Weaver bought a lucky “$1 Million Riches” instant ticket, and Terri Weaver opted for a “Taxes Paid” instant ticket worth $50,000.

Like most of us who find bad news easier to believe than the good, “I thought we were going to have to go do a lie detector test, and put our hand on the Bible,” Weaver confessed as he contemplated what he would say to lottery officials. Despite the big wins, the Weavers have modest plans for their cash windfall which include paying off bills and investing in a more comfortable retirement.

Some of last year’s biggest wins seem to have come from couples who have tried their luck together in the perfect metaphor for coupledom, which might make this the ultimate syndicate!

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In November 2012, when USA Powerball reached unprecedented heights of $588 million, a husband and wife duo from Missouri took home half of the record jackpot. The Hills of Dearborn came forward with their family in a press conference held in the high school gym where their romance began in the 1970’s. Today, the Hills are multi-millionaires many times over and share this good fortune with their family and community in the small town of 500 residents.

Earlier in the year we saw lip-locked pictures of the Bayfords from Suffolk, UK who took home the record-breaking EuroMillions £190 million jackpot in August 2012. The pair professed modest aspirations and the desire to keep their children’s feet on terra firma.

Can’t get away this weekend for a lucky fishing trip like the Weavers ?

The perfect weekend couple’s activity is trying your double luck at the

USA Powerball jackpot of $208 million together from home—from anywhere in the world!

Arkansas - lottery love story

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