$312,000 Mega Millions Prize From April Still Unclaimed In Danville


$312,000 Mega Millions Prize

From April Still Unclaimed In Danville

$312,000 Mega Millions Prize From April Still Unclaimed In Danville

The ticket was sold at a Chevron gas station at 145 Hartz Ave. and was one of two tickets sold in the state matching five of six numbers in the April 27 draw, making the ticket worth $312,766.

The other winning ticket was sold in Los Angeles, and that prize has since been claimed, lotto officials said.

Both tickets matched the numbers 5, 47, 2, 46 and 45 and were missing only the MEGA number of 37.

Winners have 180 days from the date of the draw to claim their prizes.

Lotto officials recommend that winners sign the back of the winning ticket, which should be kept in a safe place until contacting lottery officials or visiting a local lottery district office.

Mega MillionsMega Millions – get ready for some mega fun!
The Mega Millions lottery is a US based lottery taking place every Tuesday and Friday at 23:00 EST (05:00 GMT) in Atlanta, Georgia. With no jackpot cap or rollover limit, Mega Millions is known to be generous in its prizes!

How can I place bets on Mega Millions?
That’s super easy! Head over to our Mega Millions page , select 5 numbers between 1-70 and 1 Megaball from 1-25, and finalise your transaction. If you don’t have any special numbers in mind, you may select the Quick Pick option to have your numbers selected randomly.

Are there any other Mega Millions prizes apart from the jackpot?
YES! Even if you match just the Megaball, you can still win a prize. There are 9 different prize tiers and the minimum jackpot amount is $40 million. If nobody wins the jackpot, this continues to roll over to the following draws until someone snatches the prize. Check out the prize tiers in the Mega Millions help page

Did I win the Mega Millions jackpot?
The jackpot is given out to whoever matches all 5 numbers and the Megaball. You can check the Mega Millions results page to see the latest winning numbers and compare them to your numbers. If you win, we will send you an email to let you know and transfer the money to your account as quickly as possible.

How are Mega Millions prizes paid out?
In the Mega Millions lottery, Tier 1 prizes are paid out in a 30 year annuity or as a discounted lump sum, at our discretion. For Tier 1-3 prizes, 39.6% will be deducted, aiming to place you in an economic position similar to the one you would be in if you had played the Source Lottery. Other taxes, duties, or levies related to your national tax regimes may apply. You can visit the Terms & Conditions for more information

Mega Winners with Mega Millions
Mega Millions jackpots are known to reach the skies. The largest prize ever given out in a Mega Millions lottery was an impressive $1.537 billion, won by a single player in South Carolina on October 23, 2018.
On July 24 of the same year, 11 colleagues who bought a Mega Millions ticket shared a massive $543 million in Santa Clara County, California.


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